Joyner Lucas – Will

Joyner Lucas - Will


Joyner pays tribute to his idol, Will Smith, on “Will.” The song is the ninth ADHD single released just two days before the release of the album.

Throughout the song, Joyner mentions Will’s 90s hit show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air several times, as well as nine other films in which Will Smith played a leading role.

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In the music video, Joyner re-enacts all 10 of Will’s roles. At the end of the video, a deep-seated Will appears.

In “Devil’s Work” Joyner mentioned a lot of his idols and famous artists that lost their lives at the young age, so with this song Joyner is proving that he learned that he doesn’t know when his alive idols might die and that he wants to show them that he appreciates them now while they are still here.

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