Lauren Cimorelli – Rabbit Hole

Lauren Cimorelli - Rabbit Hole
Lauren Cimorelli - Rabbit Hole

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“Rabbit Hole” is the fourth song in ’s second EP, “Blue”.

According to Lauren:

Lauren Cimorelli - Rabbit Hole
– Rabbit Hole

This song is about plotting your own demise. It’s about going after someone who you KNOW is never gonna be with you. It’s not gonna work, it’s not gonna happen, you’re just gonna end up with a broken heart. BUT you are desperately lonely and you also have some mental issues so you do it anyway. smh. I wanted to capture the roller coaster of emotion that comes with choosing such a dark fate for yourself so this is one of the weirdest songs I’ve ever written. It changes keys like 10 times and each section kinda sounds like a different song. But when you put it all together it’s a perfect disaster. An illusory journey of sorts. Much like when Alice fell down the rabbit hole and found Wonderland. Kinda fun, kinda scary. A nice escape from reality, but ultimately a delusional dream from beginning to end. And when you wake up from it, you are just as alone as you were before it all started.“

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