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Nav is a songwriter, rapper and auto crooner from the great country of Canada. “Bad Habits” is his latest full-length album. I first heard of this dude back in 2017 through his self titled LP, this album didn’t really strike me as anything special at the time and there wasn’t really any reason to kind of ring the alarm is just hearing another forgettable nondescript auto croon trap record. I hear so many of that week in and week out, again and again, hearing another one wasn’t really a big deal.

Around the time this record came out, I mostly remember focusing on other things Shortly after the release of this record, We had the nav and Metro booming collabo, perfect timing and then in 2018, profile grew with the release of his next full-length album “Reckless”, which I did end up covering, I said the album was not good. And the reason I ended up talking about this record like that was the hype building behind it.

When it comes to last full-length album, I’m not really sure if there’s a nice thing I can say, the instrumentals and the beat choices that make on this record Absolutely sucks, totally bland, totally run of the mill, nothing fun or exciting or hard hitting or even intoxicating about them. I’m not saying instrumentals are like the worst thing I’ve ever heard in my life, but there’s absolutely positively nothing special about them whatsoever.

Then let’s move on to singing/rapping, the vocals generally which are about as expressionless as I think, current day vocals in hip hop get during a time when it seems like rappers are doing everything they can to stand out and be wild and be crazy and they scream their brains out and go absolutely mad. Nav is kind of an anomaly. I actually liked his vocals on his last record, it was like that of a robot mimicking the sound of a human voice when it comes to the substance of songs, There’s not really anything particularly special about that either.

Hip hop comes along with bold wordplay, bold flows, bold personalities that make it all kind of believable. Now I know up until this point, I’ve been talking a lot about sound, his style, his last album and the reason I have hung in this area for so long is that pretty much everything that applies to last record also applies to this new album “Bad Habits”. His voice is still incredibly nasal, incredibly flat, horrid, emotionless, absolutely boring. At this moment in time, I still cannot name a more boring rapper and singer in hip hop than Nav. I think he is hip hop’s most non-essential character at the moment, there’s absolutely nothing that his music, his sound, his style brings to the table. He picks the most run of the mill forgettable beats, his songs and their structures are very plain very basic.

The energy he brings to his songs is, for the most part, non-existent I guess what I can give now on this album is that there are some bars and lines that are unintentionally funny like on the track I’m ready where he literally says “what’s the game without me”.

Arguably biggest point of exposure was at the end of that Travis Scott song where everybody made a huge joke of how low he was mixed on the track. drops this bar about selling his soul, but if Nav is had a soul, I have not heard it yet not on one of his songs.

Price on my head is one of the tracks that come of the “Bad Habits” Album, And this song actually features the weekend who delivers, Believe it or not in absolutely horrid feature throughout his vocal passages. He’s kind of like slipping back and forth in between this falsetto castrato vocal range and it’s an easily some of the worst vocals he’s laid to tape but still even with me not caring for April’s voice that much on this track. hearing him is actually kind of a breath of fresh air from the soulless and monotone and absolutely mind-numbing, rapping and singing from Nav.

For the duration of this album. In fact, nearly every feature on this record is a nice breath of fresh air from horribly boring voice, Meek Mill provides a pretty decent feature on here and Young Thug goes way harder on this record than he ever really needed to.

Sadly the album doesn’t get any better as it progresses and its final moments the song why you cry and Mam, despite the lyrics being as heartfelt and as personal as they are. These are just as flat and as boring and are sonically nondescript as the rest of the record.

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