TV Series: Money Heist (Complete Season 1)

TV Series: (Complete Season 1)

A criminal mastermind who goes by “The Professor” has a plan to pull off the biggest heist in recorded history — to print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain. To help him carry out the ambitious plan, he recruits eight people with certain abilities and who have nothing to lose. The group of thieves take hostages to aid in their negotiations with the authorities, who strategize to come up with a way to capture The Professor. As more time elapses, the robbers prepare for a showdown with the police. 

Money Heist (Complete Season 1)
(Complete Season 1)

There are more stories to how this particular movie was given birth to, Netflix acquired the rights to stream this movie to their viewers in late 2017, and in 2018 they remade another part for the series and this was actually the third part of the series. In 2020, they came through with the third part of the series which was released in April, this was actually the period when COVID-19 was actually at its peak but that didn’t prevent them from releasing the movie on their streaming platform and after a couple of weeks it has already flooded the internet for free downloads.

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TV Series: (Complete Season 1) casts

  1. Úrsula Corberó Úrsula Corberó
  2. Álvaro Morte Álvaro Morte
  3. Itziar Ituño Itziar Ituño
  4. Pedro Alonso Pedro Alonso
  5. Miguel Herrán Miguel Herrán
  6. Jaime Lorente Jaime Lorente
  7. Esther Acebo Esther Acebo
  8. Enrique Arce Enrique Arce
  9. Darko Peric Darko Peric
  10. Alba Flores Alba Flores
  11. Fernando Soto Fernando Soto
  12. Mario de la Rosa Mario de la Rosa
  13. Juan Fernández Juan Fernández
  14. Rocco Narva Rocco Narva
  15. Paco Tous Paco Tous
  16. Kiti Mánver Kiti Mánver
  17. Hovik Keuchkerian Hovik Keuchkerian
  18. Rodrigo De la Serna Rodrigo De la Serna
  19. Najwa Nimri Najwa Nimri
  20. Luka Peros Luka Peros
  21. Roberto Garcia Roberto Garcia
  22. María Pedraza María Pedraza
  23. Fernando Cayo Fernando Cayo
  24. Antonio Cuellar Rodriguez Antonio
  25. Anna Gras Anna Gras … Mercedes Colmenar
  26. Aitana Rinab Perez Aitana Rinab Perez
  27. Olalla Hernández Olalla Hernández
  28. Carlos Suárez Carlos Suárez
  29. Mari Carmen Sánchez Mari Carmen Sánchez
  30. Antonio Romero Antonio Romero
  31. Pep Munné Pep Munné
  32. Clara Alvarado Clara Alvarado
  33. Ahikar Azcona Ahikar Azcona
  34. Cristina Saavedra Cristina Saavedra
  35. José Manuel Poga José Manuel Poga
  36. Belén Cuesta Belén Cuesta
  37. Fran Morcillo Fran Morcillo
  38. Miquel García Borda Miquel García Borda
  39. Naia Guz Naia Guz
  40. Mikel Bustamante Mikel Bustamante
  41. Xavi Ortuzar Xavi Ortuzar
  42. Lobo Lobo
  43. Francisco Javier Pastor Francisco Javier Pastor
  44. Diana Gómez Diana Gómez
  45. Agnès Llobet Agnès Llobet
  46. Sara Solomando Sara Solomando
  47. Ajay Jethi Ajay Jethi
  48. Pep Tosar Pep Tosar
  49. Pedro Pablo Isla Pedro Pablo Isla
  50. Irene Molina Irene Molina
  51. Paolo Sanminiatelli Paolo Sanminiatelli
  52. Luca Anton Luca Anton
  53. Neymar Neymar
  54. Rafael Rojas Rafael Rojas
  55. Erika Bleda Erika Bleda
  56. Peter Nikolas Peter Nikolas
  57. Javier Perdiguero Javier Perdiguero
  58. Oti Manzano Oti Manzano
  59. Práxedes Nieto Práxedes Nieto
  60. Óscar Zafra Óscar Zafra
  61. Mery Cabezuelo Mery Cabezuelo
  62. Bárbara de Lema Bárbara de Lema
  63. Elisabet Gelabert Elisabet Gelabert
  64. Roman Rymar Roman Rymar
  65. Javier Bolea Javier Bolea
  66. Deborah Guerrero Deborah Guerrero
  67. Jesús Lloveras Jesús Lloveras
  68. Dariam Coco Dariam Coco
  69. Chacha Huang Chacha Huang
  70. Chema Ruiz Chema Ruiz
  71. Daniel Toscano Daniel Toscano
  72. Ramón Agirre Ramón Agirre
  73. Edward J. Bentley Edward J. Bentley
  74. Marina Esteve Marina Esteve
  75. Manuel Gancedo Manuel Gancedo
  76. Antonio García Ferreras Antonio García Ferreras
  77. Marjorie E. Glantz Marjorie E. Glantz
  78. Maya Murofushi Maya Murofushi
  79. Xavi Sáez Xavi Sáez
  80. Adelfa Calvo Adelfa Calvo
  81. Néstor Arnas Néstor Arnas
  82. Leticia Etala Leticia Etala
  83. Fran Morales Fran Morales
  84. Alejandro Bazzano Alejandro Bazzano
  85. Pere Brasó Pere Brasó
  86. Ainhoa Santamaría Ainhoa Santamaría
  87. Luis Bermejo Luis Bermejo
  88. Gloria García Barquero Gloria García Barquero
  89. Mario Mayo Mario Mayo
  90. Susanna Griso Susanna Griso
  91. Julia Otero Julia Otero
  92. Cristina Pardo Cristina Pardo
  93. Mercedes Pascua Mercedes Pascua
  94. Montse Peidro Montse Peidro
  95. Alfonso Egea Alfonso Egea
  96. Nacho Abad Nacho Abad
  97. David R. Moreno David R. Moreno
  98. Aitor Sánchez Aitor Sánchez
  99. Carlos Cabra Carlos Cabra
  100. Roberto Chapu Roberto Chapu
  101. David Comrie David Comrie
  102. Chema del Barco Chema del Barco
  103. Jesús Gallo Jesús Gallo
  104. Rodrigo Gibaja Rodrigo Gibaja
  105. Joaquín Gómez Joaquín Gómez
  106. Juanma Lara Juanma Lara
  107. José de Luna José de Luna
  108. Nathalie Portela Nathalie Portela
  109. Federico Pérez Rey Federico Pérez Rey
  110. Susi Sánchez Susi Sánchez … Esposa de Justino
  111. Enrique Asenjo Enrique Asenjo
  112. Alexandru Baraboi Alexandru Baraboi
  113. Jaskaran Brady Jaskaran Brady … Dr. Ahmed
  114. Javier Garcimartín Javier Garcimartín
  115. Antonio Gómiz Antonio Gómiz
  116. Ogulcan Güzeller Ogulcan Güzeller … Secuestrador argelí
  117. Florencia Nocetti Florencia Nocetti … Rosario Barremechea
  118. Imán Padellano Imán Padellano
  119. Paco Pastor Paco Pastor
  120. Cecilia Rivera Cecilia Rivera
  121. Toni Salgado Toni Salgado
  122. Koldo Serra Koldo Serra
  123. Rubén Valero Rubén Valero
  124. Alfredo Zamora Alfredo Zamora
  125. Ana Iglesias Ana Iglesias
  126. Henryk Abrego Henryk Abrego
  127. Javi ‘Romel’ Isaac Javi ‘Romel’ Isaac
  128. Edgar García Edgar García







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